A Bit Of History And A Little Bit More……

Currently celebrating 200 years, the Town of Perth was established as a Military Settlement in 1816, shortly after the War Of 1812.  Many of Perth’s first settlers were military veterans who were offered land to settle in return for their service during the war.  A wave of Scottish and Irish immigrants settled in Perth many of which were stonemasons and their work can be seen today in many area buildings and the locks of the Rideau Canal.

codes mill pic

Built in 1842 Code’s Mill boasts the craftsmanship and history as one of the oldest industrial buildings in Perth.  Code’s Mill was built by the Kilpatrick family as an industrial site and in 1883 was purchased by the Code Family and became a Woolen Mill.  In 1899 the industrial process change to introduce felt making at which time the mill was renamed Code Felt and continued manufacturing for the next 99 years, until the factory closed in 1998.

Today the building boasts the amazing features of the major restoration and its transformation from a factory to a retail, restaurant and commercial building space.  The openness of the atrium offers visitors the chance to feel the history of the building and the heritage it provides.

The space that currently houses Ground Waves was once the location where farmers would drop off the sheep to be sheared and their wool was then carded, spun, and colored to be used for whatever manufactured products were to be produced.

Ground Waves was established in 2000 and literally from a “dirt” floor was developed into the space it is today, offering you a chance to browse through a plethora of unique items carefully chosen to please all customers.

Code’s Mill also is the home to many other retail, restaurant and service businesses including Fiddleheads Bar and Grill, Coutts Coffee, Kelly’s Flowers and Gift Boutique, Robillard Hearing Centre, IRate Customer Services, Clarith Collectibles and The Symetry Centre and much more.


by wave01